Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where can I find my affiliate links?

    Before registering your Affiliate Account here at M.A.D. you were most likely referred here by a vendor, you will find your links and sometimes even ad swipes/copy from that vendor's website.

  2. Do I need to pay, buy, or download anything to become a M.A.D. Affiliate?

    Nope, being a M.A.D. Affiliate is free! Simply create your free affiate account here

  3. In what countries is your affiliate program available?

    The M.A.D. Affiliate program is available world-wide! However, you will need to check with each specific vendor to see which countries they are able to accept your referrals

  4. Do I need to join the vendors to earn commissions?

    Absolutely not.

  5. What does "Opt-In" & "Actions" mean

    An Opt-In is simply when someone you refer to a vendor fills out a registration/signup form

    Actions are what you get paid on after a prospect completes a specific activity on the site; Since many of the vendors do not actually require purchases or out of pocket expense for your prospects, we do not call the Actions "Sales", but that's basically what they are.

  6. What is a "Pro Affiliate"?

    Through special partnerships we are able to offer higher commissions for actions completed at several of the vendor websites, however Pro Affiliate upgrades are through private invitation only.

  7. How quickly can I get paid?

    Commissions are calculated and verified every week on Monday, up to and including the previous Sunday (the current cut-off date is: ). You are able to request commissions at any time, once you have $50 or more in your balance

  8. What is a Vendor & How do I become one?

    Vendors, Vendor Partnerships, & Vendor Funnel systems can be created for people who meet several key criteria, Click Here to learn more & apply